What a fabulous summer evening for wine tasting, boutique shopping, style show, shoes and auction all to raise money for the work and services provided by Idaho Youth Ranch. The ladies in their summer chic fashions were the main participants, the shoes were the stars and the “shoe guys” were gorgeous.

The mission statement: “The Idaho Youth Ranch provides troubled children a bridge to a valued, responsible and productive future. We are a catalyst for positive change.”   The values ingrained through the work of professionals and the services provided are ones of personal accountability and responsibility to others. Along with that are the values of honesty, integrity, respect, dignity, and building on personal strengths. Optimizing the resources available are real goals toward understanding human worth and wholeness.

Resources and services available through the Idaho Youth Ranch are as many and varied as the hurt and pain of children in crisis. When a child needs help from the Idaho Youth Ranch, their challenges, circumstances and support system are assessed in order to find the best treatment path to a promising future.  Anchor House campus in Coeur d’Alene provides North Idaho’s at risk youths with the most comprehensive and effective therapy to put youth back on a path to a promising future.

Adoption services are another important part of Idaho Youth Ranch. The highlight of the evening were the guest speakers, Dr. Michael Chaffee and Heather Parent.  Dr. Chaffee took the audience on a very personal journey along with his wife Susan in finding out that they would not be able to conceive a child of their own.  They contacted Idaho Youth Ranch and started proceedings to adopt.  That journey connected them to Heather.  Heather was a teenager and pregnant.  She was well into her pregnancy before she even told her parents or sought help.  She shared how difficult that was to be so alone seeking help and  making a  difficult decision that would give her daughter a better life than what she could provide at that time.  Heather gave birth to her daughter and gave the greatest gift—her daughter—to the Chaffee’s to raise and to love as their own.   It was an open adoption and Heather always knew that her daughter was growing and thriving.  She had visitations and was able to be a part of important childhood milestones,  attend her daughter’s graduations, wedding and now the birth of a grandchild.  It was through the support and services of Idaho Youth Ranch that helped  this life long bond between adoptive parents and birth mother  to care so much for their daughter

Through all of these programs and services the bottom line promise of Idaho Youth Ranch is that no child or family is ever turned away because they can’t pay. It is through generous donors, flexible payment terms, income earned from the thrift shops and event fund raisers like Wine, Women and Shoes that help to provide these resources and services for Idaho children in crisis.