The “unofficial” start of summer was also the kick-off of “SIFF Opening Night 2017” at Shoreline Community College. This was the 2nd annual partnering of the Shoreline Community College Foundation, The City of Shoreline and the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF). SIFF is the nation’s largest film festival and annually highlights short films and documentaries throughout Seattle over the course of 25 days in May and June.

The events of this unique partnership began with wine tasting and passed hors d’oeuvers. The wine was provided by Coppola Wineries and the appetizers were created and served by the students of Shorecrest High School’s culinary program. The cocktail hour was primetime for attendees to mingle before the main event, a viewing of the SIFF film, “The Odyssey”.

“The Odyssey” is a story about the life and family of famed oceanographer Jacques Cousteau.

Lines were out the door for this sold out event of over 360 people. “SIFF Opening Night 2017”  brought together Shoreline Community College faculty, SIFF organizers, SIFF members, and many people from the surrounding community who all expressed their adoration of the college and all that it does. Many of whom were very excited to have SIFF films “right in their own backyard”.

The line for “The Odyssey” begins to form

Proceeds from “SIFF Opening Night 2017” and from the theater’s concession stand will go toward a scholarship for digital filmmaking and performing arts students at Shoreline Community College. The Shoreline Community College Foundation provides over 100 scholarships each year to help in its mission of advocating to increase “student access and success at Shoreline Community College”.

Through June 3rd, a variety of SIFF films will show at the community College theater which is the northernmost venue in Seattle to view SIFF films. Shoreline Community College has recently renovated their theater providing theater goers with a state-of-the-art viewing experience and as community college President, Dr. Cheryl Roberts, said “There isn’t a bad seat in the house”.